m\lit (inconcessus) wrote in french_it_up,

hitchhike france! read please!

So, .. I was online looking for cheap airline tickets. i stumbled upon some cheap tickets tour/re-tour london. going out 22nd july. return 17th august. then i found a free 1 way ticket to Marseille all the way south in france....

1 way ticket. so i'm thinking hitchhiking myself back up to london in a 2 weeks time. i'm looking for people who might be able to help me along the way. maybe let me crash on they're sofa a night or two. let me hitch a ride further north. something something, you know what i mean.

anyone out there? any french? any londoners?
i need ride from and to airport (stansted 22nd and 23rd july) and a place to crash that night between the flighs. then i need help when i get to france start hitchin.

hit me up!
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