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Hey guys, 

I'm so glad I found these communities! ; p
I moved from Montreal to Toronto about 10 years ago, and without any french people around to speak with, I find that I've lost most of my french/my confidence in speaking it. I've been practicing a lot lately, but it's so hard without anyone around who actually speaks it, or who can correct me. 
 I can read it almost perfectly (every now and then I will find a couple of words that I don't remember the meaning of, but I'll understand the overall meaning of the sentence), and can understand it when spoken, given that the person is talking slow enough, but my french speaking skills are not the best at all. I sometimes have to think for a while before I find the right word (and it's still probably wrong), and I stumble through many sentences.
 I'm looking for someone who I could correspond with through msn or e-mails and letters, and someone who wouldn't mind sending me some old french books or magazines now and then, since it's next to impossible to find any here. 
Any replies would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance <3


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