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Poetry... help

Hey all. I've got a paper due on a poem, and I've chosen "La Source" out of them. I suck at poetry in English, so needless to say, I'm having some trouble with understanding exactly what the author is saying... I've interjected my attempts at translating the poem into English, but I have a feeling I'm not getting it right, especially the 6th stanza. If anyone can help with a better translation or an explanation of what the 6th stanza is saying, I would be very thankful!

Tout près du lac filtre une source,
Close to a lake runs a spring

Entre deux pierres, dans un coin ;
Between two rocks in a corner

Allègrement l'eau prend sa course
Happily the water takes its course

Comme pour s'en aller bien loin.
As though to run far away

Elle murmure : Oh ! quelle joie !

She murmurs : Oh ! What joy/pleasure !

Sous la terre il faisait si noir !
Under the earth where it is so black!

Maintenant ma rive verdoie,
Now my shore becomes green

Le ciel se mire à mon miroir.
The sky is reflected/sees itself in my mirror

Les myosotis aux fleurs bleues

The foreget-me-nots with their blue flowers

Me disent : Ne m'oubliez pas !
Say to me: forget me not

Les libellules de leurs queues

The dragonflies with their tails

M'égratignent dans leurs ébats ;
Tickle me in their gambol

A ma coupe l'oiseau s'abreuve ;
From my cup the bird drinks

Qui sait ? - Après quelques détours
Who knows ? After some bends (river)

Peut-être deviendrai-je un fleuve
Maybe I will become a river (that goes to sea)

Baignant vallons, rochers et tours.

Washing glens, rocks, and  rotations (?)

Je broderai de mon écume
My foam will border

Ponts de pierre, quais de granit,
Stone bridges, docks/platforms of granite

Emportant le steamer qui fume
Carrying away the steamboats that smoke

A l'Océan où tout finit.
To the ocean where all stops/completes

Ainsi la jeune source jase,

So in this way the young spring babbles

Formant cent projets d'avenir ;
Making 100 plans for the future

Comme l'eau qui bout dans un vase,
Like the water that ends up in a vase or silt

Son flot ne peut se contenir ;
Her tides/stream could not continue on

Mais le berceau touche à la tombe ;

But the cradle reaches the tomb

Le géant futur meurt petit ;
The would-be giant dies small

Née à peine, la source tombe
Born in pain, the spring falls

Dans le grand lac qui l'engloutit !
Into the big lake that swallows it.


Théophile Gautier (Emaux et camées)
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